Which books should you read in 2017?

Which books are you most looking forward to reading in 2017, and what’s the most important book for you to read this year?

Here are the top 10 books to read for 2017.1.

The Giver by Margaret AtwoodThis one may seem like a bit of a bold move, but it could prove to be the most valuable book of the year for many.

In it, Atwood explores the meaning of death and the meaning that comes with it.

It is an engrossing, personal and emotionally resonant book that will have you thinking about how life is shaped by our relationship to death.2.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzgeraldThe best-selling author of The Great Gates of Babylon, Fitzgerald’s famous book about an impoverished aristocratic family in America’s Gilded Age, is the book for everyone who loves reading about people who have it all.

You won’t regret reading his books after reading this book.3.

The Gift of the Magi by Liane MoriartyThe bestseller by Moriarty, Moriarty’s debut novel, tells the story of a young woman who must go on a mission to get her parents’ attention.

The story is set in the Victorian era and is about a young girl with magical powers who needs help finding her parents.4.

The Color Purple by Jo WaltonIn this beloved story of love, loss and revenge, Walton takes us on a journey to discover how love and loss work together to shape us.

It’s a beautiful, powerful and uplifting story that will make you feel like you are in the presence of a true artist.5.

The Fountainhead by Bret Easton EllisThe best novel of the 2016 Nobel Prize winner’s life, The Fountainhead is a deeply moving novel about a man who goes on a quest to escape the pressures of his own family.

The protagonist is a man trying to be a better person and he does that by using his talents to help others and change the world.6.

The Last Tycoon by David Foster WallaceThis book is about the life and times of the famous tycoon David Foster, whose real name was David G. Wallace.

Wallace, who was born in Brooklyn and spent much of his childhood in New York, became the most famous American author of the 20th century, a status that he held for decades.

He also wrote some of the best fiction of the 21st century, including The Corrections, which was adapted for Broadway by Broadway and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2017.7.

The Big Sick by Margaret MitchellThis book explores the dark and twisted side of our nation’s opioid crisis.

The book is a beautiful and haunting look at what it’s like to struggle with addiction and death.

It was written by a woman who has battled addiction herself, and it is a moving book that should be read by anyone who suffers from an addiction.8.

Houses of the Holy in the Dark by Yann MartelThis book, a sequel to the popular children’s book by French writer and playwright Yann Martinez, tells a very dark and personal story about two young girls, whose mother is dying from a brain tumor.

Their mother is also dying from cancer.

This book is the ultimate story about survival.9.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret MacKinnonThis is the first novel from Margaret MacKay, who has written many great books.

It follows the life of a woman living in a country where abortion is illegal.

She is one of the few who refuses to accept the law as the rule of law and continues to fight for women’s rights.10.

The Martian Chronicles by Frank HerbertThe novel of Herbert’s classic science fiction classic is about two explorers, a space traveler and a Martian.

The novel follows the two explorers as they embark on a space journey and their mission is to discover what happened to humanity.

The book will be a perfect book for any sci-fi fan.11.

The Road to Wartime by Thomas HarrisIf you’re looking for a book that can really capture the spirit of the moment, the American Civil War novel The Road to War could be the one.

It tells the stories of a group of veterans who fought in the Civil War and their experiences in the war years.

The soldiers of the Confederate Army were killed in the American civil war, but the stories from those who fought were told in this book, and the book is so moving.12.

The Black Dahlia by H.P. LovecraftH.

P Lovecraft was a prolific author and a true genius.

He wrote many amazing stories about the supernatural and otherworldly creatures, but his most well-known work is a story about the horrors of the Black Dahlias.

The Black Dahliatys are a group that existed in the 1880s and early 1900s.

They were a black and white race who existed in various locations throughout the United States.

The novel was published in 1920 and it tells the horrific story of two young children who

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