What is a Bullet Club?

The club is not officially a shooting club, but the owners have made it their business to promote shooting sports.

The club was founded in 1998, and has been open to members since 1999.

The owners claim it is the “bullet society” in its namesake.

Membership costs $20 a year and includes two shooting sports, shooting targets and targets shooting.

Membership is not compulsory, but members are encouraged to sign up as soon as they get their driver’s licence and get a gun licence.

Members are also required to be on the club’s gun club list.

The Bullet Club is run by two brothers who have been shooting for almost 20 years.

Both brothers are now the owners of the club, and are also responsible for its membership fee.

They say they aim to encourage younger people to participate.

“It’s a great sport, a lot of fun, a great way to relax and be with friends,” Ben said.

“And we also have an emphasis on education and safety.”

The Bullet club has been running since 1998.

Ben said he and his brothers had the club started at a young age.

“We wanted to create a club where young people could come together to shoot,” he said.

Ben and his brother have started to expand the club into the other sports it can offer.

Ben was introduced to the sport by his father when he was just a little kid.

He was the target shooter for a shooting group.

“That’s where we started shooting,” Ben remembered.

“The only thing that’s changed is that we’ve grown a little bit.

We’ve got more people here, we’ve got new members and we’ve also got new targets.”

The brothers say they have started a website where members can get more information about the sport.

They also organise training sessions for other members to teach them how to use the target.

Ben’s brother Andrew also works as the club leader.

He said he was excited to be part of the business.

“My dad is a big gun owner and I’m an avid gun collector, so we’ve always had a lot in common,” Andrew said.

The brothers have also established a website dedicated to gun clubs.

“I’m looking forward to having my dad here and hopefully he can come and get us a few targets to shoot with,” Andrew added.

“He’s a really good shooter, he has the patience to shoot targets for a long time.”

Andrew said he hoped to have the club open to other shooters as well.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to see people from all walks of life come in and enjoy the sport and enjoy shooting,” he added.

It is not just about shooting, though.

The members of the Bullet Club also offer some fun activities for people to take part in.

“Our members are really into making their members-only list available online so you can check out their membership list and see what’s available for shooting,” Andrew explained.

There are a lot more shooting sports coming up that are coming up and we’re looking forward for the next two or three years.”

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