UFC’s Fight Club shoes hit the UFC website

UFC fighters are set to get their first official MMA shoes made for the promotion in the United States, as the company announced today that Fight Club Shoes will be the first product to make its way to the UFC.

Fight Club Shoes, the brand name of the shoe that inspired the UFC’s new fighting shoe line, will be available exclusively through the UFC store.

The shoes will retail for $99.99.

In a statement to Ars Technic, UFC said that the shoes will come in two sizes: “Fight Club Socks” and “Fight Cocktail.”

The latter size is a slightly smaller version of the previous “Fight Clubs” version, which was available in the UK.

The UFC announced that the UFC Fight Club Boots will launch on May 27, and the shoes have already made their way to bout venues around the world.

A pair of the shoes has already been worn by the UFC middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre, and UFC fighters Cody Garbrandt and Travis Browne have worn the shoes at various events.

As for the other product in the Fight Club line, the UFC said it will launch a series of Fight Club Shoe Packs starting in July.

The Fight Club Pack will be a limited-edition “fighter’s edition” of the fighters shoes.

The first “fighter” edition will be “A$AP Rocky” from the company’s first-ever UFC Fight Night: St-Petersburg event in March 2018.

The Fight Club Series will also launch on October 1, when the company will launch “Bubba’s Fighter’s Edition” which will be made available to customers in limited quantities for a limited time.

These “fighter shoes” will come with a “Dana White” stamp, which is an homage to UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

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