The best of the best from the 2017 season

The 2017 season has been a rollercoaster ride for the Australian cricket team.

The team made the Ashes series with a record-breaking total of 276 for six in the process, but the team had their eye on the 2019 World Cup after failing to make the finals in their maiden campaign.

The players were also struggling with the mental strain of the Ashes and the new World Cup.

They have also been plagued by injuries and an inability to find a proper rhythm in the team.

This season, Australia have been a constant thorn in the side of the cricketing world, but there is still plenty of potential in their squad.

Below is a look at some of the team’s best performances so far.


AB de Villiers AB de Vries’ stellar start to the season has earned him the top spot on this list.

The captain and wicketkeeper has made a name for himself with a blistering 100 in the first innings of the ODI series against Pakistan, which helped Australia to a commanding six-wicket win.

In the second innings, he went on to score a career-high 50 against England in Perth.

After that, he put together another superb performance against England, which included a record score of 51 not out against the second-highest Test score in Test history, a first-innings unbeaten 140 against Australia in Hobart.

AB has made the most of his opportunities this season, taking on top-class bowling and playing a big role in Australia’s batting.

AB’s record-setting innings against England is a testament to the player’s professionalism and consistency.


Josh Hazlewood Josh Hazles, left, has made his mark in the middle order, but he has struggled to find the right balance.

AFP/Getty Images 3.

Aaron Finch Aaron Finch has taken a major step forward in his game this season.

AFP PHOTO/Alex Ellinghausen 4.

Kane Williamson Kane Williamson is back in the top order, with his innings against Australia, the biggest of the season, earning him a place in this list as well.

The left-hander has taken on a big part in Australia, averaging 33.75 runs per over, and he also took his best wicket of the year against England.

Williamson has been an integral part of Australia’s success this season and he will need to continue to play at a high level to stay at the top of the batting order.


Michael Clarke Michael Clarke is a strong bowler who has struggled with mental fatigue.

He has also struggled to get consistent starts in the XI.

The 24-year-old has scored six hundreds in the current ODI season and it is his first Test century.

His batting has also improved with the inclusion of two batsmen from the side he was playing in the past two seasons, with Mitchell Starc and James Pattinson.


Mitchell Marsh Mitchell Marsh has found the back of the net in every game this year.

AFP Photo/Getty 7.

Brendon McCullum Brendon the McCullum has continued to impress this season after being dropped for the second Test against England and the first Test against Australia.

He is averaging 33 in the four Tests, including a hat-trick against Australia and an unbeaten five against England this season which has seen him pick up his fifth century.

McCullum is one of the top batting options in the Australian team, and has continued his strong form after missing the first three Tests.


Shaun Marsh Shaun Marsh has become the third bowler in the history of the Australian Test side to score 100 runs in a Test match.

AFP Images 9.

Shane Watson Shane Watson is proving to be the difference between a win and a draw in the Test side.

AFP Getty Images 10.

Brad Haddin Brad Hodge has been playing a bigger role in the batting line-up for Australia than ever before.

AFP AP/Getty 11.

Kane Richardson Kane Richardson is one the key players of the squad this season in terms of his ability to take wickets.

He also scored the winning wicket against England at the MCG.


David Warner David Warner has been Australia’s most consistent bowler this season with a batting average of 26.17, which has been the best of his career.

He was also one of Australia is best bowlers at the end of the first ODI against England as he took three wickets in five overs.

Warner is also in the thick of the bowling attack, scoring four centuries, and is one to watch in the next Ashes series.


Michael Klinger Michael Klingers form is back to where it was at the start of the 2016 season.

He scored a career high 52 runs against India in Perth, and took another three wicket haul against Australia for the fourth wicket.

He averaged 23.15 runs per game in the two games.


David Miller David Miller has been one of cricket’s biggest stars since taking over as Australia’s captain

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