The Best of Strip Club Sex in 2017

“The Strip Club is one of the hottest clubs in the world,” says Leona Serna, co-owner of the Ocean Club, which is located in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I think it’s the best place to be.

We cater to everybody, whether they’re the hottest or the hottest, the biggest or the smallest, in all the different sizes of the club.

It’s a really big part of our business.”

The Ocean Club was created in 2004, and it was initially comprised of eight clubhouses that offered adult entertainment in various stages of the day.

Sernas says her staff has grown to include 40 people who are all sexually active.

“Our customers come to us all the time.

They come for the food, they come for their massage, they go to the clubs for the entertainment, or they come to the club for sex,” she says.

“Most people in the strip club don’t have sex because it’s so much safer.

They’re more interested in having fun.”

One of the biggest draw cards of the strip clubs is the variety of positions available.

“You’re never going to find a straight guy in there,” Sernan says.

The club houses also feature adult movies and videos to watch.

“It’s like a movie theater,” she adds.

“They’re like movie theaters, but with more action.”

Sernes also likes to offer couples therapy sessions.

“We’ve had clients come in who have been through so much, they don’t want to go to a relationship, but we’ve had couples come in and say, ‘We’re really into this, and we’re looking forward to having sex.

I’m ready to get this done,’ ” she says, adding that she also offers free oral sex for couples who have recently been in a relationship.

“My customers really appreciate that,” Sterna says.

Sidena also says she provides the best massage in the industry.

“People come here for the massage and they love it.

I always feel like I’m in their shoes, because they’re not the one that’s being treated,” she explains.

Sip a drink of wine or wine-infused lemonade from a table set up on the dance floor of the nightclub, and Serns says she is constantly changing her customers’ sexual positions and attitudes.

“Sometimes people don’t like the way I massage them,” Sidenas says.

She adds that customers are sometimes hesitant to go back into a club where they feel uncomfortable.

“A lot of times, people don`t want to come back,” she notes.

“The people who come back say, `I’ve been to all of these different places, and they don`s really like this place.

So I’m gonna go to another place.'”

Sernia says she’s not alone in her opinion.

“At the end of the night, there are usually a lot of people who don’t get it,” she admits.

“If I could take one person’s perspective, I would be open to them coming back, because I think that’s really what we’re trying to do.

If we can make it work, I think it’ll be really, really good.”

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