Scientists have discovered a hidden layer of water in the ocean, giving the ocean its mysterious shape and depth

Scientists have found a hidden sea layer that has secrets to the shape and depths of the ocean.

They have also found that this layer has a long history of being hidden by ocean currents.

They said the findings show that the ocean is much more complex than scientists thought.

The research team used the Deep-Ocean Gravity (DOG) satellite to measure changes in the water at depths of up to 200 metres (660 feet).

The research was carried out by a team led by Dr Chris Grieve, from the University of Sheffield, and Dr Alex Hagger from the UK’s Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Institute.

The team’s findings, published in Nature Geoscience, showed that the deep ocean has been in a state of flux for at least three billion years.

The researchers found that the layer of ocean water known as the deep water abyss lies between the water surface and the bottom of the sea. “

The deep ocean is the only place where you can really make out the shapes of the oceans and the movements of the currents.”

The researchers found that the layer of ocean water known as the deep water abyss lies between the water surface and the bottom of the sea.

This layer is formed by the mixing of water that flows through the ocean in the deep, and is thought to be an ancient feature of the Earth’s interior.

This deep water layer was found by using the DOG satellite to collect data from the depths of 1,000 metres and then measuring the speed of this water as it moved across the ocean floor.

Dr Hagger said: “[The researchers] have found the deepest ocean to be a very complicated place, because there are different currents going on in the sea, and the different currents move in different directions.”

They have identified several types of currents, some of which flow along the edges of the deep oceans.

These currents are thought to flow on the edges and along the top of the layer, and move faster than the water below them.

Dr Dwayne Cottrell from the Australian National University said: The deeper you go into the ocean the deeper you are, the deeper the water is and the faster it moves.

If you look through the telescope, you might be able to see that it’s very much like a supermassive black hole, that’s why the deep sea has such a rich and diverse array of life.”

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