How to Get a Pill Club Character on Your Shirt

The Pill Club characters are getting some serious love on the team.

In the season 2 finale, the group gets a little closer to the truth of who the real pill club members are.

The character is named “Cynthia,” and she’s the member of the Pill Club that helped lead the team to the hospital.

Cynna is in the first episode of season 3, so the writers are keeping it tight and tight-lipped.

But she’s definitely a member of a pill club.

The show’s star, Zoe Kazan, has said that the character is based on her friend, Jessica Chastain, who plays Dr. Michael.

It’s unclear if Kazan’s character is related to Jessica, but the character was originally named “Kathy.”

“I think she’s sort of a character that kind of came into our lives that kind or maybe is related or has a connection with Jessica Chasen,” Kazan told HuffPost.

“And she’s kind of a little bit of a wild card.”

She told HuffPost that the producers decided to play with names because they wanted to show the team members in a different light.

“We had these three women that are super cool and they all kind of just happen to be all over the place and they are all kind and they’re all kind,” Kazin said.

“So we thought we’d just go with a different name that would sort of fit into that.”

The show also gave us a glimpse into how the characters’ relationships are developing.

While it was always going to be the Pill club, the episode introduced a new relationship between the trio.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone be in this relationship, and I’ve never seen anyone who’s in this type of relationship before,” Kazani said.

“It’s kind, like, the first step in a relationship and the first, like a first kiss and they get to know each other, and it’s like, wow.

It feels really natural.

It was like, we’re on this really deep, deep path.

And it’s a little scary, because I have a fear of heights.

And the heights of this relationship are super scary.

But we have to get over that.”

Kazani said that she and her fellow stars, including actress Zoe Kazdan and star of the show, Jesse Plemons, also are trying to “put this character in their place” in order to have an open dialogue with each other.

“It’s a really exciting thing, we’ve been so lucky, it’s been amazing to get to do this, and to have all these people to lean on,” she said.

Kazan said that while the show has been kind to her character, the other members of the group have been less than supportive.

“I know it’s not what I wanted to do, but we’re all trying to work through it and try to find a way to be good people, to be just good people,” Kazen said.

For now, the cast has found some solace in the fact that they’ve been able to work with each another.

“I think it’s really cool that it’s all the way back to the first season, and the girls are able to kind of work together,” Kazian said.

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