How to get a new beard, plus tips on what to expect at your next Caerula club

A man has made an extraordinary claim about his upcoming Caerulean bar crawl, claiming to have made it all the way through his beard-raising adventure without breaking a sweat.

A photo of a man with a beard as big as a football pitch has been making the rounds on social media.

The man claims he managed to make it all through the beard-lifting portion of the event, which runs from February 3 to 25.

He said he made it to the start line wearing a white t-shirt with the word ‘bronch’ printed on it.

He claims he made the journey by walking from the club, where he’s the club’s security chief, to the end, where the door is closed and he is free to go.

The ‘Bronch’ reference comes from the Bronchia Mar, a popular club in the US state of Colorado.

The club is the latest in a long line of clubs that cater to bearded travellers.

This is a beard-only club in Colorado.

The sign reads ‘The Bronch is not for sale.’

You can see a picture of the sign and a picture on the club website, which shows the man walking towards the door and saying “the door is open”.

The photo of the man wearing a t-shirts with the Broncia Mar has gone viral on social news sites, attracting hundreds of comments from fellow travellers.

“I’m so glad I made it out alive and well, thanks for sharing this picture,” the man said in the caption.

“Blessed to know the Bronachia Mar is a must-visit for anyone who wants to be a Bronch.

I’ve only been in the state for six days, but it is definitely worth the trip.”

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