How to find a female golfer

When a young girl goes to a girls golf club, she’s likely to see the men.

They might have a few golf clubs on the grounds, and if they’re looking to get into a game, they’ll have a female partner to play with.

But when it comes to playing with a female golf club’s golfers, the ladies may be in a bit of a pickle.

A 2016 survey found that only 20% of golfers surveyed reported feeling comfortable with a women’s golf club.

The survey, conducted by the Center for the Study of Women in Golf and Tennis, also found that women are just as likely as men to play a women-only game, according to The New York Times.

“Women don’t always feel like they belong in a women�s game, and it can be tough for them,” says Andrea Tommasini, who directs the Women’s Golf at Golf at the University of Pennsylvania.

“A lot of women feel that they don�t belong, they don��t want to be there, or they don’t like the way it is.”

Tommasino says that the lack of women in the game can be a barrier for women.

“I think it�s a really hard thing for women to navigate,” she says. “You can�t always just tell yourself, ‘Well, I�m not going to play, because I�ll just be sitting in the corner and doing nothing.'”

When it comes down to the sport, there’s a bit more to it than just the women in it.

“The sport is a male-dominated, male-driven, male dominated sport, and that�s really why it has such a difficult time for women,” Tomma says.

When it comes out of the gates, women still lag behind.

When the NCAA released the first ever Women�s World Golf Championship in 2007, women were ranked 19th in the world.

“That�s still not where women are today,” Tiamino says.

But the women’s game is slowly changing.

In 2018, women won their first major championship in women�t golf at the European Tour.

And just last year, the USGA, which oversees the women�z divisions, announced it would create a Women�z Division.

The new division will be made up of players with “high skill levels” and will have a dedicated director.

Tomma points out that women still have a long way to go.

“It�s not always about gender parity,” she tells me.

“There�s an issue of being in a sport, having a sport where there is a real difference between men and women.”

But if you�re an athlete, Tiamasini says, you need to work on being more aware of the issues surrounding women in golf. “When you�ve been around a lot of athletes, it�ll be something that you�ll have to address,” she explains.

“If you�d just be doing what you�m doing, you�RE just playing for yourself.”

You can read more about Tommassini�s research at The Atlantic and the Washington Post.

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