‘Gagaran’ of gacha, art club and sports club in the Philippines

“When I was a kid, my father would bring us to the amusement park where we could go and play,” said Anisah, whose father is the manager of a gacha business in Manila’s Pampanga district.

“We would come back to the office and spend the night with my mother.”

For her part, Anisahs mother said her daughter’s passion for gacha is what drew her to the sport.

“It was something she had been playing for years,” she said.

“Gagarans” are gacha games in which people pay up to 100 pesos (about $1.40) for a slot at a special table where they can make money.

The tables are decorated with colorful artwork and are often adorned with figurines of characters from the popular anime series “Gaggan”.

The games, which involve players bidding to collect as much gold as possible, have become popular in recent years as well as in the United States, where gacha-themed bars and clubs have popped up in malls and restaurants.

The Philippines, which has about 10 million people, is home to the largest concentration of gagaras in the world.

They are widely seen as an inexpensive and safe way to spend time with family members, friends and fellow gagans.

Anisach’s father said he started gacha clubs with his daughter in 1998 when she was about 10.

The first club in his town was in 1999.

Anislah joined the club and began to build a business, Anislahs family business, in 2000.

Anisa said she earned about 100 peso ($1.20) per slot in each gacha.

By 2006, she was able to pay her dues to the club.

“I made $20,000 in a year,” she recalled.

But as she began to sell more and more games, Anisa started to get nervous.

“Some people started to ask me if they could buy the games,” she added.

She also began to take part in other activities with friends.

She began to dress up as the popular character Princess Bubblegum, which she said was a way to attract more people to the games.

The following year, Aniass father, who was also the chairman of a business called the Gagaran Club, invited her to join his group.

“We became friends,” Anisay said.

“One day, he said, ‘I need you to go into the business and I need you as a part of my family.’

I agreed.”

She joined the group, she said, and started selling games.

Aniselas family, which includes five children, also has a gaggle of members.

Anisah’s father also said that in 2008, he was able pay his dues and took her to an amusement park, where she became one of the first customers at the gaming table.

“My father was really impressed with my performance,” she continued.

“He said, I can see that you are a really talented kid.

You are a star.

I am sure you will become a star one day.

I’m sure.”

For Anisha, the excitement that comes with the gagaran experience is what kept her going.

“My father would say, ‘My child, you should be playing gagaree.

Gagarees are a very special thing.

They’re like the stars of gags.

They make a lot of money.'”

Anisahu said that during her first gaggaree at a gaga, she made a fortune.

“My first gagga made me money,” she told CNN Philippines.

“But I never lost the desire to do gagade.

So I would always go back to that gaga.”

In a country where gagares are considered a sport or a game, Animah said that her parents’ success in the business has helped her keep her passion alive.

“I feel proud,” she recounted.

“The gaggas were fun, but they weren’t just a hobby.

I really enjoy playing them.

It is a way of living.

I have always been able to find the time to do my job.”

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