Diamond Art Club set to open its doors for 2018

The Diamond Art club is set to reopen its doors in Melbourne’s CBD next month.

Key points:The club is one of the oldest in the country and is one the biggest in the worldDiamond Art is a club that focuses on creating a dynamic, creative and dynamic environmentDiamond Art was founded in 1988 and has now grown into one of Australia’s largest diamond art clubsThe club’s latest annual revenue came in 2017 to $3.8 millionIt opened its doors last year and is currently in the process of opening up for 2018.

Club president and founder Ian Waggis said the club was one of those “very few that can say they are a world class club”.

“It is a beautiful club that is not only the oldest, it is also one of only two clubs in the nation to have its membership capped at 300,” he said.

“We are very proud of what we have done in our 40 years in business and we hope that with the opening of our doors, our club will continue to be a part of Melbourne’s culture and continue to inspire young people in the future.”

Diamond Art has hosted its annual annual fundraising event since it opened its door in 1988, and is a leading brand in Australia.

Club founder and executive director Ian Wargis said he and his partner had “no regrets” about opening the club.

“It has been a long time coming but it has been worth the wait,” he told news.com.au.

“Our business is growing and our club has always been about creating a great environment, a great social event, a fantastic social environment and we want to be that for future generations of Melbourneers.”‘

We are one of many clubs that have grown in Melbourne’Diamond Art’s main building at the corner of South Terrace and Parklands Drive, is one to remember.

Club owner and founder Alan Waggs said his dream was to see a club open its door for the first time in Australia, and he had been looking forward to opening up in Melbourne for the past four years.

“This year was the year that we did that and I think we were able to do it,” he explained.

“I had been in discussions with the Government about whether or not we could open it up in other cities around Australia, so it was really a no brainer.”

Mr Waggus said the opening date had been pushed back to next year because of the club’s plans for a new facility in Melbourne.

“The main building is going to be closed until February, so there are a lot of other plans that need to be put in place to be able to open the doors of our club and it is all about getting the best deal for us,” he added.

“There is no way we can keep this place open for another four years, so we will need to open it in the new facility which is being developed on South Terace.”

The club has also been working on plans to build a new building on South Road in the heart of the city, which will open in 2020.

Mr Waggers said the move would be a “big milestone” for the club, which has always relied on foot traffic and events to keep the club going.

“Hopefully in the coming years we will be able do things like that to attract people to the club and give it a little bit more life again,” he predicted.

“At the moment we are just going through the process and I am hoping to get the new building ready in a few months time.”

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